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About the Giovanni van Bronckhorst Foundation

Giovanni van Bronckhorst Foundation (GvBF) - S.V. GIO
The Van Bronckhorst Foundation was established by Giovanni van Bronckhorst and his wife Marieke, inspired by a desire to give back to the community. Giovanni and Marieke had no trouble deciding how they wanted to contribute to society. Sport is what brought Giovanni so far and taught him so much, and teaching stole Marieke’s heart as soon as she started studying for her primary school teaching qualifications . It wasn’t long before S.V. GIO became a reality. This sports education programme offers guidance to children in the last two years of Dutch primary school, coaching them like world-class athletes and helping them get off to a good start at secondary school. During an intensive 20-week programme, children meet up once a week after school to participate in sports and work on the subjects they’re struggling with at school. We also provide an extra programme for refugee children where we help them to settle in to their new environment.

The first S.V. GIO campus opened its doors in 2012 at the L.M.O. football club: the very club where Giovanni started playing football at the age of seven. “S.V. GIO doesn’t work miracles, of course, but we looked at how talents are developed in proffesional football. We are applying those same tactics to children who thought they had hardly any talents in any area. It is magical to see how quickly these children make huge strides in their own personal development, making it all happen themselves. S.V. GIO just helps them get started,” says S.V. GIO head trainer Giovanni. The Van Bronckhorst Foundation wants to expand its activities and offer that same head-start to more children.

Friends of Giovanni van Bronckhorst Foundation
GvBF is looking for 100 prominent businesses that are willing to work together to make the difference for children in the last two years of primary school. S.V. GIO is the sports education programme established by Giovanni van Bronckhorst and his wife Marieke. At S.V. GIO, children work on their personal development just like world-class athletes. During an intensive 20-week after-school programme of sports and learning, children work on the subjects they’re struggling with at school. At S.V. GIO, they get a head-start tailored to their individual needs, so they can start secondary school with a solid foundation.

Together, we can help children move forward through sports!
Friends can be helpful to the Foundation in several ways: e.g. as a partner or an investor. We are very grateful for any help you are able to offer.. If you are interested, we can arrange a package deal suited to your wishes and contributions. 

A few examples of the benfits offered to our partners are:

•  Networking events
•  Use of the Giovanni van Bronckhorst Foundation logo
•  Exposure on our website, on social media and in our newsletter
•  Exclusive network lunch with other Friends and Giovanni himself